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Life Esteem Journal



Create the future you want, learn focused attention, and track your progress of real change with "My Life Esteem Journal"


This 8-week journal walks you through how to appreciate, validate, accept, and support who you are at this moment. It will lead you to opportunities you may have overlooked before. Track your progress and shift your mind. The Life Esteem Journal helps you begin the unveiling of your authentic self. The first step on this path is acceptance. Self-acceptance is being loving and happy with who you are now.


When things in your life are causing you discomfort or pain, it is because your current state does not match your beliefs about how your life is supposed to be. Doing the same thing gets the same result. You have to do something different, to get different results.

Over the weeks, notice the patterns appearing, record your journey and track your progress on your path to positive change.

You can also order a copy through Amazon: Life Esteem Journal


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